Handmade glass bowls

Did you ever think about purchasing handmade Czech glass bowls? Anna von Lipa brings together Scandinavian design and Czech experience with mouthblown glass from the town of Novy Bor. Useful and elegant, those are tapas bowls, ideal for charming servings of snacks. The traditional Czech pattern paired with innovative design will please your eyes for sure. 

These are the most purchased ones: 

  1. Hobnail Tapas 11,5 cm - Their chubby design, wide but short, is cheerful, and they can be found in an array of colours. 

  2. Tapas Freja - Bursting with colorful playfulness, the Freja vase is an aesthetic addition to any décor. The sports are blown into the glass, giving them an organic touch and look.

  3. Tapas Flamingo

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